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Tetra Guppy Mini Flakes (75gm)

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Tetra Guppy Mini Flakes

Highly nutritious complete food in the form of mini flakes for daily feeding of guppies and other live-bearing tooth carps. Supports the health, colouration and vitality of fish.



  • Balanced complete food in the form of mini flakes
  • For guppies and other live-bearing tooth-carps
  • Rich in plant ingredients with added minerals for improved acceptance and growth
  • With colour enhancers
  • For increased colouration
  • The BioActive formula promotes a healthy immune system
  • Maintains vitality and clear water

Additional product information:

Tetra Guppy Mini Flakes have been specially developed for the nutritional needs of guppies and other live-bearing tooth carps such as platies, mollies and swordtails. The balanced complete food is ideal for daily feeding of these fish types. The mini flakes float on the surface for a short time before slowly sinking, making them ideal for fish that feed in the top region of the water. The flake size is designed to suit the small mouths of the fish, making it easier for them to feed. The special combination of nutrients ensures that your fish are getting everything they need. The food is rich in plant ingredients and contains added minerals. This means it is more readily accepted by fish and promotes growth. Meanwhile, the colour enhancers increase colouration. The BioActive formula promotes a healthy immune system. Tetra Guppy Mini Flakes increase vitality and help keep the water clear.

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