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Aquarium DIY CO2 Generator System Kit

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A high-tech, pressurized CO2 system is costly, and can be a headache to set up and maintain, especially if you’re just getting into the hobby. If you’re eager to start your first planted tank but aren’t quite ready to take the plunge on a high-tech setup, then DIY CO2 system is the best alternative. 

    • Feature: Easy operations, great DIY enjoyment, perfect CO2 generator.
    • Pressurized CO2 System Includes: Caps, needle valve, 3-way connector, check valve, tubing & pressure gauge.
    • Equipment Required: 2 x carbonated beverage bottles, reaction materials and diffuser (not included in the pack).
    • Recommended Reaction Material: Baking soda+citric acid.

Example of Material Proportion (2L coke bottle, baking soda+citric acid):

    • Bottle A: 200g citric acid+600ml water (1:3)⇒shake until well mixed
    • Bottle B: 200g baking soda+800ml water (1:4)⇒shake until well mixed

    Installations & Operations:

      • Turn off needle valve and connect to diffuser, check if any loose parts
      • Connect A, B parts with bottle A and B
      • Turn on the needle valve and adjust
      • Do not screw off the bottle cap directly for decompression or stopping reaction
      • Emergency Treatment: Turn off needle valve and disconnect the tube from the end for air out

               Package Included:

                • 1 x Pressure gauge
                • 2 x Bottle Cap
                • 1 x control valve
                • Tubing (6mm outer diameter)

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