Liquid Carbon Supplement (250ml) - nepalaquastudio
Liquid Carbon Supplement (250ml) - nepalaquastudio

Liquid Carbon Supplement (250ml)

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Liquid carbon is a great alternative to CO2 injection and it is also an effective algaecide. It can be used with or without CO2 injection.

Dosing Instructions:*

  • 1 ml per 40 liters
  • Up to 3ml per 40 liters after a large water change
  • Dose 3 to 7 times per week or as needed

*Dosing amounts above are for reference only. Your planted aquarium may need more or less depending on many factors. Be cautious while using it in a tank with shrimps and mosses.

Net Volume: 250ml 

Expiry: Jun 2022

For seasoned aquarist: 

  • Contains 1.5% w/v Glutaraldehyde (C5H8O2).

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