LANGa Aquarium Soil (8 Liter) - nepalaquastudio
LANGa Aquarium Soil (8 Liter) - nepalaquastudio

LANGa Aquarium Soil (8 Liter)

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Product Introduction:

The aquarium soil is for original aquatic plants and is a special mixture of natural soil and organic elements combined through the process, rendering it rich in organic elements and natural organic acid. With its special nutritional component and capability in maintaining the water in a weak acidic condition, the soil is a most preferred bottom bed for the aquatic environment.

 Water Quality Range and Adverse Reactions:

 It is applicable to the water quantity of KH1-8 and TDS<250. If the water quantity exceeds the applicable range, there will be a yellow water phenomenon to a different extent, but it will not impact product performance. We can gradually solve the problem of yellow water by replacing it with pure water or adopting the active carbon for the absorption. Due to the different degrees of the yellow water problem, this process may last several weeks or even months. Carefully read the water quality range before the usage. If the water quality exceeds the applicable range, there will be yellow water performance.

 Bag Capacity: 8 Liter

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