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ADA Aqua Soil Amazonia Light 9 Liter

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Amazonia Light, a new addition to the Aqua Soil lineup, has been developed as a substrate material that even newcomer aquascapers can easily use. Although made from the same natural soil as the base material, this new soil has different colors and properties from the conventional type of Amazonia soil. It is characterized as natural earth color substrate and contains natural Japanese plant-based black soil that sufficiently promotes the growth of aquatic plants while maintaining crystal clear water.


  • With its natural earth color, it shows aquascapes visually more natural.
  • Rare Japanese plant-based black soil is used in ingredients, it promotes the growth of almost all aquatics plants, except plants that prefer specific water quality.
  • Contains rich organic ingredients and nitrogen level that promotes the growth of aquatic plants and make the water condition mildly acidic for plants and tropical fish.
  • Ideal and easy to handle for beginners seeking to make a beautiful fully planted aquarium with crystal clear water.

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